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Everybody got Splashed at the JS Summer Party

Employees got a chance to choose their summer party activity from two options; action or pampering

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The Qualification for this Year’s International Sales Conference has Begun!

The best performers of JS Suomi will meet fellow colleagues in Brussels and get the chance to learn how their performance can reach new heights.

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The New Interactive Brochure Concept Is Already a Great Success

At JS Suomi, we have now launched our new concept: augmented reality for businesses

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In an Internship, You Get to Know Various Aspects of Working Life

What is it like to accomplish an internship here at JS Suomi?

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The Best of 2017 Got Their Rewards!

Again, we rewarded our best performers during the first brunch of the year.

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The Advertising Consultant Who Is Always on a Customer Case

Our Advertising Consultant, Tanja, helps customers find the ad that matches their needs in the best possible way.

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JS Suomi Participates in the Christmas Spirit Campaign

Christmas is an important celebration for us Finns, and we want to spread joy and lift up the Christmas spirit at this special time of year.

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The Spirits Were High at the Annual Christmas Party

JS Suomi celebrated Christmas in Villa Grande, a true winter wonderland.

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Drinking Coffee in Honor of Independent Finland

JS Suomi took a celebratory coffee break.

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Experiencing JS Suomi – a Real-Life Workplace

Middle-school, work-experience intern, Mikael, brightened up JS Suomi.

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Changes Are Part of a Key Account Manager’s Everyday Life

Alina, Key Account Manager – a former Project Consultant – brightens her colleagues’ days with her positive attitude and her cooking skills.

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Everyday Choices Increase Well-Being at Work

Again this year, JS Suomi will participate in “Porraspäivät”, an exercise campaign designed for businesses.

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JS Suomi Goes Whisky

A dark October evening was made brighter when the Whisky Brand Ambassador, Jarkko Nikkanen, let us in on the secrets behind whisky.

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JS Open – The Traditional Golf Tournament

Golf, poker and good company – once again, JS Open was great fun!

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JS Suomi Gets the “Successful Multicultural Company” Award

Multiculturalism enhances competitiveness

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Autumn Kickoff with the Annual Municipal Fair

Service providers and municipal administration representatives meet in Helsinki.

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The Executive Assistant Keeps Cool in All Situations

As the one employee who is closest to the Country Manager, Emmi has a good understanding of everyday life in the office.

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JS Profile – Professional DiSC Profiling

DiSC is a great tool for working with behavioral preferences of people and companies. At JS, we use DiSC every day.

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Video Marketing Captures the Customer’s Attention

When there is little time and a lot to say, the message has to be even more effective.

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A Key Account Manager of Premier League

Positive energy catapults Rami into good results.

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Presenting Ulla, our Animal-Loving Advertising Wizard

Ulla has worked as an advertising consultant at JS Suomi since spring 2015. From time to time, people at the office can enjoy the furry company of her dogs, Hugo and Peetu, as shown in the picture. Outside the busy office life, Ulla likes to spend time on training dogs and teaching their owners how to handle them. Besides spending time on her dogs, Ulla uses her spare time with her friends ... and many people don’t know that she is pretty good at solving sudoku.

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Office Staff Gathered to Celebrate the Annual Summer Party

Capricious May weather didn’t dampen their spirits

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Our Office’s Ray of Sunshine and Beer Enthusiast Can Handle any Project

Project Consultant, Susa, lights up the entire office with her sunny appearance.

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The First Quarter Ended with a Feast

Employees were rewarded for their good results

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It All Began 10 Years Ago…

JS Suomi and our Country Manager have been on a 10-year journey with many surprises, challenges and a lot of learning. In the past 10 years, JS Suomi has grown from one-man to a team of fifty people.

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The Art Director – the Master of Layout

Sami, Project Leader at JS Suomi , puts together the pieces of the puzzle and creates a high-quality end product.

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Successful International Train-the-Trainer Seminar for Leadership Trainers

The JS Academy strives to develop skilled leaders who ensure highly competent employees and long-lasting relations

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Taking Control of Time

Every week at JS Suomi, we train work-related subjects, collect tips for our own work – and have fun at the same time!

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The Project Consultants’ God of Thunder

The office superhero, Jarno, understands our customers’ needs

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Project Number 10,000

At JS Suomi, round numbers kicked off March 2017

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It’s Raining Awards for 2016

The best of the year were awarded!

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The Quality Manager is the Gatekeeper of Projects

You may have heard their voices through the phone, but now you get to see the people at the other end of the line.

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JS World Media as First Mover Within New Web Technology

To strengthen and develop the competences of our IT Development department, they participated in this year's NDC software developers conference in London.

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Thank You All for a Fantastic 2016!

We could not have done it without you

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A Wonderful Christmas for Everyone!

This year, JS Suomi helps the less fortunate and helps provide Nepal with clean water

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Municipal Communication Requires Skilled Professionals

The Finnish health, social services and regional government reform is a complicated matter that affects the lives of many citizens, so it is crucial to communicate about it in a way that everybody understands

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Christmas Spirit at JS Suomi

Last Friday, it was time for the long-awaited pikkujoulu (in English: “little Christmas party”) at JS Suomi!

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Let’s Do Good – Let’s Grow a Moustache

At JS Suomi, the month of November is “Movember”!

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Stairway to Heaven

What happens when you challenge your employees to use the stairs instead of the elevator for one week?

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JS Videos Make Customer Hits Explode – 1 Video = 22,000 Views!

With JS videos, hundreds of potential customers will learn about your company every day

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JS Suomi – Now Certified Reliable Domestic Operator

JS Suomi has been granted the “Key Flag” label, which indicates high domestic origin, as well as the labels “Reliable partner” and “Responsible Finnish operator”.

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JS Open Golf Tournament Last Weekend in Vierumäki

Golf, sauna and of course good company; JS Open had all the ingredients for a perfect weekend!

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The Best Conference Ever in JS World Media’s History

In September, JS World Media gathered all the best performers at this year’s International Sales Conference in Frankfurt

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Interesting Conversations and Fun Competition at JS Suomi's Stand

73 % of all Finnish municipalities communicate with JS brochures.

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JS Suomi Creates Impressive Materials for Trade Fairs

Numerous JS brochures on display at the “Subcontracting” trade fair.

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We Speak the Language of Your Recipients!

Our unique CommunicationCompass – a tool for customizing brochures for your specific needs

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JS Goes to “Kuntamarkkinat” in September

The event brings together the public-sector professionals from all over Finland

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A Tasty Start on the Autumn

The first Friday of the month is always a good day at JS Suomi.

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Video is taking Content Marketing by Storm

Online video continues its success. Ride the wave with us!

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JS Suomi Celebrated the Annual Summer Party with 58 Employees

A maritime atmosphere in good company on the waves of the Baltic Sea

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JS World Media gathers all our Best Sales Performers Worldwide

The qualification for this year’s International Sales Conference has begun!

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The Greatest Thanks to All our 300,000 Customers and Advertisers Worldwide

Extremely satisfied customers

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Printed Advertising Takes the Lead – the Demand is at its Highest Level!

The print media are the less expensive way to stand out to your customers


JS is Part of the Largest IT Conference in San Francisco

Because, being good at something is not enough! You have to know what to be good at

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JS World Media Just Passed 500 Colleagues Worldwide

The best JS team – stronger than ever, better than ever

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JS Grand Opening in Budapest, Hungary

Our new office opens on 1st March in the center of Budapest

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Upcoming Training Events at JS Suomi

JS employees everywhere will benefit from sharing best practice after tailor-made office events

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The Best Performance Year

The best performance in 23 years – a result of thousands of satisfied customers!

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The Best of Year 2015!

We have now chosen the success stories of last year

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What is missing in Canada … JS Canada!

The JS success is expanding overseas

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Christmas at JS Suomi

Christmas party in Arabia!

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JS Leadership Academy

A great team deserves great leaders!

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The International Conference

The 2015 International Conference was a Great Success

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The Countdown for the International Conference Has Begun

The details of the JS International Conference have been revealed!

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Excellent Result for JS World Media

A historical half-year result!

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Microsoft Build Developer Conference

IT Brings Home Know-how to JS

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Our Operation is Expanding in Helsinki

Arabia, here we come!

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